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On this site we have used the products of Lentsius Design as stock photos. All the product photos are taken by Getter Kuusmaa and the author of Kairi's black-and-white portrait is JP Hion.

Project TELK2 is a collection of coats and dresses/vests made out of almost 40 year olds army tents and military uniforms supplied by the Baltic Defence Academy situated in Tartu, Estonia. These up-cycled materials are sewn into a collection that is higly appreciating the most natural process of changes that appear and leave a mark on the textiles due to sun, rain, snow, wind etc

Lentsius Design is a chic and fresh design project coming from Estonia and their line of accessories was started by brother and sister Kairi and Marek Lentsius with the helping forces of their father Mart. The joint forces of three - one a fashion designer, the other an aircraft engineer and father with great craftman skills created a series of Scandinavian chic, unisex and everyday accessories.

Designer Kairi Lentsius is a recent graduate from a fashion design master level course at the Swedish School Textiles. Within her designs Kairi loves to explore different mediums and unexpected materials in combination to more or less conventional forms. For example the Mushroom cuff links are wood turned by hand from various high quality woods like mahagony, apple tree and oak. Describing her work she wishes to always true to the saying “Less is More!” and always appreciates the tasteful minimalist style.

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